Interview With Russell Petrucciani of Nukote Building Providers

Meet Russell Petrucciani of Nukote Construction Services. Long-time resident of Kingwood and entrepreneur, Russell and his team has been servicing the community with commercial and residential construction services since 2011.

Russell has worked in the commercial general construction business for most of his life. Utilizing his strong leadership and business skills, he decided to start his own company in 1991.

In 2018, Russell saw a need for mitigating the frustration and inconvenience of power outages in the Houston area. Homeowners are frequently faced with emptying out rotten meat and melted ice cream from the freezer, not to mention the cost of replacing spoiled food. Going days without heat or air conditioning is not only uncomfortable, but can be dangerous for some. In addition, the inability to cook or clean can cause a lot of stress.

“Four years ago, I was tired of power outages and having to reset microwave clocks, so I bought and installed my first generator at my home here in the Kingwood area. Seeing this, my neighbors then asked me to put one in their home. First was my neighbor across the street, then next door, then 6 more on my street. Now, we have installed generators in homes over 10% of our little community! You want references? We’ve got ’em!”

Russell’s favorite part of running this business is meeting his customers and developing a relationship with them. He enjoys the fulfillment that comes from helping his customers feel secure in knowing their families and homes are protected when unexpected power outages occur.

Responsive to your needs, Nukote is certified by Generac, guaranteeing work, labor and materials for one year and then one can purchase extended warranties directly from Generac. NuKote was formed as an LLC in 2011, primarily doing commercial general construction contracting. Nukote has experienced Texas licensed plumbers and electricians and can provide you with a $1,000,000 general liability insurance certificate.

The threat of a freeze may be over, but hurricane season is coming soon and tornadoes can put out your lights. Get ready now! It’s always best to be prepared. IN STOCK NOW!

Nukote can provide immediate delivery and installation on 22kw and 24kw whole-house Generac generators including transfer switches, surge protectors, concrete slabs, conduit wiring, gas piping and start-up with Mobile Link monitoring by Generac. The Generac home backup generator is permanently installed and will turn on in the event of a power outage, protecting your home automatically. It runs on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel, and sits outside just like a central air conditioning unit. Delivering power directly to your home’s electrical system, the generator powers your entire home or just the most essential items, such as the A/C, furnace, refrigerator, stove and oven.

“Zero down payment is required like our competitors requiring 50% deposit then they make you wait 4 to 6 months for delivery – not us. You pay 100% upon completion and start-up. We also offer financing plans that are available through Synchrony Bank .

NuKote is an approved merchant. Call us now to avoid price increases in this crazy economy.”


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