Decide John Hodgman on Utilizing a Crockpot as a Humidifier – The New York Occasions

Rebecca writes: My mother arrange her crockpot as a humidifier in our Airbnb’s lavatory (away from her canine). She needed to depart the lid off so the steam percolates shortly, and my dad needed to partially cowl it, as he thought it wouldn’t have an effect on the steam. I believe my mother was proper, however my husband agrees with my dad!

I refuse to resolve as a result of: A) I’m not an skilled on steam dispersal, and B) I’m ruling towards all of you. I’m conscious that MacGyver-ing your sluggish cooker right into a humidifier is a well-liked web meme. Why ever your mother is dragging her crockpot to an Airbnb is her biz, however humidifiers are presupposed to ease your sleep, not fear you about ruining another person’s flooring, burning your canine’s tongue and dragging your loved ones right into a thermodynamic battle spiral, all whereas NOT making scrumptious stew! Right here’s a greater life hack: Humidifiers are on the market. Purchase one.

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