MD 800 Compact AC Multidrive a boon for OEMs

The industrial automation group Inovance Technology has announced the market launch of the MD800 – an AC multidrive that meets the requirements of European OEMs for ever more flexible and scalable multidrive performance with even more compact dimensions.

The modular design of the MD800 enables the supply of up to 8 drives from a rack with a single rectifier, whereby the energy is shared via the common DC bus. The product offers extensive functions, including an individual STO (Safe Torque Off) on each drive, the ability to control PM and asynchronous motors via a single software package, a +24 VDC control backup supply and a full range of fieldbuses and I / O expansion option cards. At the same time, twice the nominal power of each drive module enables an overload of 150% under high stress for demanding torque applications or an overload of 110% under normal stress for fan and pump applications.

In addition, the MD800 is very cost effective and also offers significantly reduced total cost of ownership. Installation costs in particular are reduced thanks to the user-friendly plug-in spring-loaded connectors and a faster construction time thanks to reduced wiring and fewer external components. The product is also designed for operation in the harshest industrial environments with 3C3 and 3S2 protective coatings, an operating temperature range of -20 to +60 ° C, an operating altitude of up to 4,000 meters and a separate cooling channel for the heat sink.

David Bedford, Inovance’s Strategic Marketing Manager for Frequency Converters in Europe, comments: “Our product managers, application engineers and R&D engineers in Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Turkey work closely with local OEMs, system integrators and distributors. Their market research has ensured that the MD800 meets and exceeds the requirements of all multidrive manufacturing machines in Europe – from the simplest conveyor belts to the most complex printing machines. In our opinion, the MD800 is the most compact and flexible multidrive on the market today, and we also consider it to be the most affordable AC multidrive available in Europe. I’m really excited to see how MD800 will improve our customers’ productivity – click here to find out more. “

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